Jon McNulty is a multi-instrumentalist and audio engineer from Chicago. With his debut EP Traffic on Lake Shore Drive, he steps out from behind the console (and drum kit). Jon has played drums in various groups for years, but Traffic on Lake Shore Drive marks his first release on his own terms. A textured blast of widescreen folk rock, he recorded and played nearly everything on it himself. 

The 4 tracks trace his evolution as a songwriter, containing songs he's been working on for the past 5 years. The effort has clearly paid off: these songs hum with Jon’s lush arrangements, recalling both the dynamic swells of the Arcade Fire and classic Wall of Sound production. There's more groove than most folk groups can muster, no doubt owing to his background as a drummer. It's boosted by a rich mix from Neil Strauch with mastering from Doug McBride of Gravity Studios. 

By day, Jon works as a Live audio engineer. He is currently recording his follow up EP at Gravity Studios.